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Jemma Waller

Founder and Lead VA

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! If you had told me when I first started this business, that I would be putting a meet the team page on my website, I probably would have laughed at you! But here we are.

What makes me different from other VA's I hear you ask.

I become your business. I see your vision through your eyes, and step in to your world to support you in achieving your dreams.

I have over 10 years experience in the corporate world, 5 of those were in management. I built both of my businesses up before and during a pandemic.

When I'm not running businesses, training businesses, or sending multiple emails, I am usually found walking my two furbabies! 9 year old Golden Retriever Teddy and 7 month old spanish rescue pup Eddie. (Yes Teddy & Eddie!) When I am not being a dog mum, I am normally found within the spirtual community, either learning more modalities to enhance my abilities or surrounded by crystals (you can never have too many!) and just all round loveliness!

I'll be the main contact for all your work, so if you have any questions, let's connect and see how my business can help yours!

The Story of Jemma Waller Social Media & Business Consultant

Where do I begin.... It all started back in 2019, after a few years of striving to work my way up the corporate ladder. It was challenging, and after years of giving my all I was no longer getting that job satisfaction. I had dreams of changing the corporate world, brining in compassion and humanity. I managed to achieve it within the immediate office I ran, but it just wasn't meant to be.

My passion, my mission is to support others, help others feel better. I orginally thought this would be through becoming a holistic therapist. So, after gaining the appropriate qualifications, six months before the pandemic hit, I quit my well paid, but super unsatifactory corporate job, to join the world of the self-emplyed.


I started working out of the then known Mystic River Lounge (now known as Mystic Coffee Lounge) A perfect tranquil setting for my therapies. No idea what I was doing business wise, and guided by the awesome Kate May, the Lounge's owner. It was starting to grow, and then we were locked down. My mum got got hard with Covid, to the point we questioned whether she was going to make it. She did, she's awesome! Her recovery got me thinking, I got to spend lots of time with, be there when she needed me, it was lovely, and made our mother, daughter relationship stronger. I wanted more of that time..... I also had to think of a way of bringing in income and so, after a push from Kate giving me confidence, Jemma Waller Virtual Assistant was born!

It's gone from strength to strength, I had to call in associate VA's to help with workload, it's gone through a name change to relate to better to my clients, and I even now have my own PA. I am changing the lives of business owners across the world and I absolutely love it! I am so excited to see what the next step has in store for us....come join me on this awesome adventure!

Meet The Team